Hal has graciously offered to add yet another book to the collection.  Here's what he said.

"I am currently rebuilding a classic public domain book "Motorcycles, Sidecars, and Cyclecars" by Victor Page, 1920. This edition, is available from a public library or from Golden Age in poor quality. I am converting these graphic pages into full editable text and cleaning up the photos and illustrations.

And yet another book!!!  Reminiscences of Motor Cycling by Ixion-

Hal Kendall, noted sidecar authority and founding member of the United Sidecar Association,  has asked that I post the following books to the website in their entirety. Reserved for Hal's next surprise.













































 When I asked Hal what prompted him to make such a generous offer, he replied as follows;

"The reason for giving the manuals to the USCA, and making them available at cost via CD-ROM from my home is that safety should NOT be something that needs to be BOUGHT if you can't afford it.  If you believe in it, it must be freely shared."


(If you want a CD, just drop Hal an e-mail at hkendall@houston.rr.com price is $10 for US address, $15 for overseas.)


You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these books on your computer.

 You can get a free copy by clicking the icon below.



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you may wish to read the books online

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They are large files.



If you dial in to the Internet, you might find it easier to copy the five files,

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The Sidecar Manual

By Hal Kendall

Sidecar Operator's Manual

by Hal Kendall


The Manual for Enthusiasts

of Riding with a Sidecar

(translated from German)

Motorcycles, Sidecars, and Cyclecars by Victor Page, 1920. The Sidecar Catalog  

(If you want these books on a CD, just drop Hal an e-mail at hkendall@houston.rr.com)