Louisiana Ride for Kids 2012
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Subject: Louisiana Ride for Kids 2012

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May 20, 2012: This year the Louisiana Ride for Kids® moved from the fall to the spring, and from Lafayette to Alexandria... the state’s 10th ride for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation® raised $22,840 to help young people like Lily, Brian and Brook....

Larry, Carney, Jena & I supported the PBT Ride for Kids and were escorts for 2 young brain tumor survivors and their families.   My participation was in doubt after my Sportster rig developed as-of-yet undiagnosed mechanical issues upon our return from the East Texas Sidecar Muster a couple of weeks earlier.  But Larry & Barbara helped out a fellow sidecarist by loaning me their GS/Hannigan rig while they rode their trike.  The GS rig & I had a "get accustomed" ride Saturday as we all traveled down to the memorial for our friend Bud Amy.   Here is Jena & the rig at the bull at the Eagle Ranch in Goudeau, Louisiana on our return for the memorial for Bud Amy.

 Carney was a gracious host for the Saturday evening -- and cooked up a great breakfast on Sunday morning:

Here's the 3 rigs ready and waiting -- Carney's K100/EML, Larry's GS/Hannigan and Jena's Burgman/Texas:

Upon arriving, Corkie quickly made friends:

Older sister Gracie and Corkie bonded so well she decided to ride with Corkie on the Ride (no pic tho).

Here's 2 of the 4 officer's that, along with a few support cars, did an excellent job escorting the Ride:


Carney swapped lots of stories as we awaited for the 10am sharp departure (sorry, my camera lens cover didn't open all the way, but the pic still captures Carney in the midst of "the art of conversation":

Carney escorted Lily and her sister on the ride:


Brian and his sister Katelyn were my VIP passengers for the Ride:

Brian & Katelyn have developed a very special bond with each other and wanted to ride together, so they both squished into Larry's sidecar:


Larry on his trike plus another trike rounded out the escorts for the Ride.

Special thanks to Larry & Barbara for loaning me the GS rig, as we were the only 3 sidecar rigs at the 2012 Ride. 


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