CSC Friendship III hinged hatch
Posted 7/22/2004 12:24 PM (#4203)
Subject: CSC Friendship III hinged hatch


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Have any of you folks attempted to replace the annoying factory-installed latches on right and left rear lower corner of the access hatch?
Never cared for them, as passenger could be in big trouble in emergency situation, as they're VERY HARD to reach from inside car! One of mine finally broke because hook moved back to lock position with hatch open, I didn't see it and it broke when I closed hatch.
Was pondering possible use of Jeep hood latches, with spring-loaded T-handle. Maybe I could put an extension on these, so passenger could reach them easier. ANY OTHER suggested locking mechanism [and it would be NICE if the passenger could reach them easily from inside] would be really appreciated, as the originals are being scrapped as soon as a suitable replacement is found. TTFN.....Old Tom in NH
P.S. I understand that Champion Daytona has electric latch which passenger can open using a push-button. Is this true?
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