reverse for a sidecar
Posted 8/2/2004 7:28 AM (#4281)
Subject: reverse for a sidecar

I cobbled up a car starter & ring-gear on the sidecar wheel. If anyone wants the gorry details, I put a website up.

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Posted 8/2/2004 10:35 AM (#4288 - in reply to #4281)
Subject: RE: reverse for a sidecar

Ben, guess you didn't remember where to put this???
Welcome AGAIN to the USCA Sidecar Forum.
Looks great, nice description and pictures. Seen something similar before. Also looks like a copy of a H-D, before they went to a disc brake.
My idea of a reverse gear is to think smart: Park up hill so that you can roll back out, don't park where you can't pull forward. Some times people even ask me if I have a reverse, Not. The only reason that I might want a reverse, would be to Fly d Chair backwards, LOL!!!
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