Ural Rider on an Iron Butt Ride
Posted 5/29/2013 8:35 AM (#71784)
Subject: Ural Rider on an Iron Butt Ride

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Through the wonders of the internet I first made contact with Jon about the time he began his trip. He has 30 days to travel from Key West

to Dead Horse Alaska. I let him know he could stay at our place if his route came this way. Just a few days later he called and said he was

about four hours away and wanted to know if the offer was still good. He arrived about an hour before supper and helped cut down on the

leftovers that would have been left. The next day he pulled some maintaince on his rig, then got on the road about noon.

Here is a link to his ride:



A fine pair

His rig makes mine look like a toy.


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