General Meeting at Low Country Rally
Al Olme
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Subject: General Meeting at Low Country Rally


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As is our custom, we will have a general meeting at the rally. This meeting is open to all members. IF YOU WANT TO SPEAK BEFORE THE BOARD, SIGN UP AT THE REGISTRATION DESK. Comments are limited to 5 minutes and only members have standing. You don't have to sign up to attend, only if you want to address the Board.

The meeting will be held at 4PM on Saturday, June 21st.

This is the proposed Agenda for the Board Meeting.

Agenda USCA General Meeting

4 PM, 21 June, 2014 – Low Country Rally

1. Install new officers

2. Public Comment by members [limited to 5 minutes each]

3. Treasurer’s Report – Don Banwart

4. Club Merchandise Report – Richard McClure

5. Old Business [if any]

6. New Business
a. Improvements to the web site
i. Simple editing
ii. Members only area
iii. Renew the Inservice Discussion forum
b. Fill vacant BOD positions
i. Establish new duties for officers
ii. Establish communication goals for the BOD
c. Consider an overhaul for the Constitution and ByLaws
i. Succession of officers
ii. Change procedure for the Constitution
iii. Combine into one document
d. Sidecar Training at Rallies
e. Contents for new member package
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