KZ 1000

Posted 10/21/2004 12:03 AM (#5095)
Subject: KZ 1000

Has anyone here ever put a hack on on a KZ1000? Just got the bike and I'm womdering what kind of sidecar would go best on it.... Thinking about putting an ural on it. Any ideas?
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Posted 10/21/2004 1:06 AM (#5096 - in reply to #5095)
Subject: RE: KZ 1000


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A URAL would fit nicely with the KZ1000. It might need sub-framing because the exhaust system gets in the way of things.
The last one I did was a '96 KZ1000P which I mounted a Velorex 562 on. Had a lot of fun with it because it still looked like a cop shop bike with the Police decals. I painted the Sidecar Artic white to match and when people saw the outfit I would immediately notice brake lights go on and they would drop back to a couple of miles under the speed limit till I passed. Then I would get all sort of reactions from a one finger salute with an accompanying epithet, to a thumbs up. Mostly the former though.
Drop me an e-mail and I'll send you a couple of pix of it.

Lonnie Cook
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