GL 1500 Tire replacement
Posted 11/21/2004 8:03 AM (#5395)
Subject: GL 1500 Tire replacement


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Hi Gang,
I'm just getting into this world of Sidecars. I have a '97 GL1500 which will have a Freindship II installed on it as soon as it gets here from the factory. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I've just joined this group and haven't been accessing the old info. Does anyone have info on replacement tires for the Wing when my motorcycle Dunlops wear out? I'm tring to get my research done before they wear out. I'm talking about flatter profile, possibly automotive tires. I'm going to be taking a tour from northern Florida to Seattle and back near the end of April '05 and want to get everything together as much as I can beforehand, ya know?
This will be my first rig, so I'll get in lotsa practice before my dog Genghis and I take off.
Thanks in advance.
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Posted 11/22/2004 9:59 AM (#5415 - in reply to #5395)
Subject: RE: GL 1500 Tire replacement

We make a custom rear wheel for the GL1500 that comes with a 165 15 automotive tire on it. We are sold out at this time but will have another batch ready the first of the year.
The wheels can be seen on our web site
Thank you.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation
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