2015 Brass Monkey Rally
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Subject: 2015 Brass Monkey Rally

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ATTENTION All you Bass Monkey Aficionados:
The 2015 Brass Monkey will be on President's Weekend, and will be held in GONZAGA BAY, Mexico
Try these sites for more information: http://www.bajaexpo.com/cities/gonzaga.htm
Info from Mike Smith: "Basically Gonzaga bay is about 2 hours drive south of San Felipe, its all paved to there so any rig can make it. Get gas in San Felipe and there is gas in Gonzaga.
For Stores: · Rancho Grande across from gas station, has just about anything you would want for simple groceries, fruits/vegetables, snacks, water, sodas, beers, liquor and camping supplies. They are the only one in town. Camping: · Rancho Grande has the beach with palapas and pit toilets just south of the airstrip. Good place to camp. They also offer bathrooms and showers at the Rancho Grande store. · Papa Fernandez Fish Camp - · El Bufeo camp also has a small basic motel rooms. It is about 5 or 6 miles north of Gonzaga Bay on beach. Very sandy. · El Beluga camp just south of Gonzaga, sandy road to get there. It was closed in June, may be open in February. · Would recommend making Rancho Grande camping at the Palapas the main ‘headquarters’ for brass monkey, although Alfonsinas is good if you can get a room because they fill up fast."

Safe riding -
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