Squeaky side car break Harley 2000 TLE
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Posted 7/5/2015 1:19 PM (#85210)
Subject: Squeaky side car break Harley 2000 TLE


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I have a 2000 H.D. classic with a tle side car same year. I have 40,000 miles on rig. Have owned this rig for 4 years now. The side car brake is very squeaky when applied. I have changed pads (replacement from Harley) and still squeaks. The Harley dealer told me they all do this. There has to be a pad that is not noisy when applied. Do I need to get the rotor resurfaced? Any one experience this problem? Tired of sounding like I do not maintain my rig.

Mike H.

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Posted 7/19/2015 9:48 PM (#85476 - in reply to #85210)
Subject: RE: Squeaky side car break Harley 2000 TLE


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Embarrassing I know.
I occasionally have the squeak in my Fatboy but I fix it all the time.
The brake pads vibrate (when the brakes are applied) on and in with the caliper pistons and brake pad pins and causes the high pitch sound.
Here are my recommendations for your consideration, perform both:
1) Apply onto the brake pad pins......AGS Company, Silglyde, part no. BK4, Brake Lubricant, Muskegon MI.
This has the consistency of Vaseline....don't worry...it is made for squeaky brakes....it allows the brake pad tabs to glide on and freely ride on the pins.
Make sure the brake pin(s) are not worn, replace both if one or both are worn.
2) Apply a thin film onto the metal back of the brake pads.....CRC Industries, Disc Brake Quiet, part no. 05016, Warminster PA.
This has the consistency of cold and thick molasses....will cure to a rubbery film....this acts as a damper between the metal brake pad back and the face of the caliper pistons.....again don't worry about the rubbery film...it will not detract from the braking power...it is made for squeaky brake pads.
The HD pads are good but expensive because of its name.....an aftermarket brand might be lesser priced and equal to or better than the HD pads.

Just an opinion....sometimes I think that most HD techs may not know too much about the idiosyncrasies of their products.
One tried to sell me a replacement speedometer after I told him the problem.
He said that a faulty speedometer would cause the bike to shudder under load.
I fixed it myself...it was a battery cable that had loosened itself from the crimp of the ferrule.
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Posted 7/21/2015 10:55 AM (#85493 - in reply to #85476)
Subject: RE: Squeaky side car break Harley 2000 TLE


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Thank you for the post, jaybee47, as I also have the squeaky sidecar brake problem on my 2003.
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