need help with toe adjustments
Posted 8/21/2015 11:29 AM (#85920)
Subject: need help with toe adjustments


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I have a 70s harley sidecar and i need to make adjustments for the toe
I have looked over the manual and don't see it. Can someone here give
give me info on where the adjustments are located on the sidecar.
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Posted 8/21/2015 1:52 PM (#85922 - in reply to #85920)
Subject: Re: need help with toe adjustments

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Find a straight line on your garage floor. Maybe a seam in the concrete, maybe snap a chalk line.
Line the bike wheels up on the line so that the center of each tire is on the line. bungee a long straight edge to the sidecar wheel. Make sure the bike is vertical.
Measure from the straight edge to the line at the front of the front wheel and at the rear of the rear wheel.
use the sliding joints or threaded shafts that join the lower attachment points to the bike to adjust so that the front measure is about 3/4 inch less than the rear measure.
The upper struts should be disconnected when you do this.
Now lean the bike about one degree away from the sidecar and lock every thing in place.
This is a good starting point to work from. Test ride the machine to check for pull to one side or the other. Adjust until at 55 mph or your most often used speed, there is no side pull.
Adjust in small amounts doing the upper mounts until it is where you want it. Watch for tire wear on the sidecar tire over the next 500 miles.
If wear is excessive you may have to adjust the toe in again.
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Subject: Re: need help with toe adjustments


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On most bikes you would compress the bike suspension before setting up the lean out. Harley does not tell you to do this so instead they have you lean the bike in, then when you sit on the bike it ends up leaned out. I have attached generic alignment information.
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Attachments BASIC SIDECAR INSTRUCTIONS.doc (388KB - 42 downloads)
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