My hack's third reincarnation
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Subject: My hack's third reincarnation


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In september I hit a small granite post. Some offroad shortcut to home. Result was bent car's frame:

Bent frame
Stillrode srtaight, but this would be too much scrapping for me. So I made a new frame and restored the whole car. Especially that the body was begging for paint and the mudguard was piece of crap, straight line bent sheetmetal.



Increased bike's ground clearance, and very high g.c. for car:

And bottom view

There are some eye-mountings visible, for hauling long beams under a car. Last time I hauled a 5.5 meter  beams and it was a big risk to touch beam's front end to pavment. now there is no such risk.


New mudguard and suspension:

Distance 'A' from swingarm's axle to wheel's axle is 140mm, and distance 'B' from swingarm's axle to swingarm-damper mount is 170mm. And the distance 'B' is perpendicular to damper. That made the suspension slightly harder and more compact with minimal loss of wheel's jump. Now I can get a passenger without risk of damper "hit".


And mountings:



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