Steering dampner
Posted 3/3/2016 9:34 PM (#88108)
Subject: Steering dampner


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Does anyone make a good dampner? I am getting a violent wobble at 20 mph. Bmw /2 frame with a /5 fork
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Posted 3/4/2016 1:33 PM (#88114 - in reply to #88108)
Subject: RE: Steering dampner

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Do you have violent wobble at 20 mph when you have both hands on the handlebars?
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Posted 3/4/2016 1:42 PM (#88115 - in reply to #88108)
Subject: RE: Steering dampner


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There are many dampers available. Most use the VW type damper. Harley uses this type ($125.)
I have one left in stock for $75. including shipping.

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Posted 3/4/2016 2:11 PM (#88118 - in reply to #88108)
Subject: Re: Steering dampner


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Usually if you have a violent shake you have some underlying issues that a damper will hide but usually it is best to try and work out what the underlying problems are rather then hiding the as a damper makes your steering effort harder all the time. The bike side mounts should be good and stout on your rig as the /2 frame was designed for sidecar use. What sidecar do you have on it and how is it attached to the bike? Are your steering head bearings tight? If they are the stock BMW ball type bearings not a lot you can do but you can slightly over tighten them. A flat profile tire on the front some times will help with a shake, if nothing else it lowers stopping distance. I like the tire from Heidenau but Metzler also makes a flat profile tire in 18 inch and Avon one in 19 inch. Make sure all of your mounting hardware is tight and not flexing, that your wheel bearings on not loose, your sidecar tire is in good order and then you can try changing the toe slightly, Often 1/8 of an inch either way will make a huge difference. While we do not have a damper kit specific to the /5 front end we do offer a "universal" kit that bolts onto fender mounts and then you weld a tab to the upper front strut $250, I would go this route as a last resort.
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