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Always looking for sidecar peeps. Don't mind two wheelers, either. Now that it looks like I might be getting something new and mostly unexpected, the sidecar odyssey has been postponed, but joining you on two wheels to talk about them, and get info and maybe figure out how to get hacking again, is always a good thing.

I tend to ride to work and back a lot, I94 corridor Detroit-Port Huron (ish). Weekends, who knows. Yesterday was to Farmington. If you see Big Blue the Indian, and she's all shiny and new, wave. She would be the only one that doesn't have black (crappy looking IMO) speaker pods on the trunk.

EDIT: Got the Blue Squaw. Need to do Lonnie Cook's axle conversion eventually, so I won't be doing that anytime soon, unfortunately. Saw a guy at the Packard Proving Grounds rally, he had a 1957(?) Harley with sidecar, original, and it was extra-special because it was the same bike his dad used to ride him in when he was a kid. It was in beautiful shape, he even found a set of good tires his dad had stashed and were in brand-new shape. I was surprised they weren't dry rotted, but probably not as surprised as him! I don't know how long ago his dad passed away, but what a fantastic thing to be able to share as an heirloom. His son was the monkey that day, so Grandpa's spirit is riding with them, I'm sure. :D

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