Velorex 562 body removal
Posted 9/23/2016 11:22 AM (#90832)
Subject: Velorex 562 body removal

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Listers: I have just purchased from Bob Wark, the suspension/brake upgrade kit for the Velorex 562. I own a 1994 MZ Gespann. After talking with Bob, I felt this might be a good upgrade for my rig. I have a few questions. Has anyone done this upgrade. Any tips to help or problems that arose, when installing. How best to go about, and how difficult is it to remove the body from the rig? Is this a two person task? Also can a person with moderate mechanical skills do the install by themselves. Once installed any tips on adjustments lubrication and what not. I apologize for some lame questions, but forewarned is forearmed.

Cheers Clark Bertram
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Posted 9/23/2016 6:58 PM (#90837 - in reply to #90832)
Subject: Re: Velorex 562 body removal


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Not familiar with the Wark upgrade. Most upgrades don't require a masters degree in mechanics.
Body removal depends upon the year of the 562. The early 15mm axle models have the fender bolted to the body with 2 bolts and tubular braces front and back. Later Cruiser models (20 mm axle) have the fender attached to the sidecar frame and it will remain on the chassis after the body is removed.
Either model bodies have 4 bolts attaching the body to the frame and two more bolts supporting the front of the brush guard.
On my upgrade removal of the body isn't needed. This may also be the case with the Wark kit.

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