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Posted 9/25/2016 10:25 PM (#90850)
Subject: Awesome Experience


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Yesterday Baby Girl and I were on our way to our church. She is helping paint pictures for an upcoming festival. We were in the Honda/Dauntless rig. Less than a mile from our last turn off of US Hwy 90, we are forced to stop and hold in place as some 20 plus motorcycle cops blocked all of the intersections. There were state cops, deputies from several counties, and city cops from numerous municipalities along the Coast. Then we hear the thunder... Coming from the east, five hundred plus motorcycles roared by. All we could do was watch and drool. I told BG: "Don't know what it is, but we should be with them." Got tired saluting them all. Counting the cops, there had to be over 600 bikes! And, only one (1) sidecar...

When we got to the church, I did a fast net search and found out it was the annual Homes of Grace Mission run. It is sponsored by the local Harley Owner Group. They do this every year to raise money to take care of homeless addicts and alcoholics. And, would you believe the Governor himself was leading the run on his Harley! But only one sidecar...

Next year I'll be looking for it. Then there will be two sidecars...

Mike in MS
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