What do y'all consider "good tire mileage?"
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Subject: What do y'all consider "good tire mileage?"


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I realize rigs put extra weight on tires, and maybe side load them, too, so what would y'all say is poor, typical, or excellent mileage for tires?

I have a V-Rod, and I get 8,000-10,000 miles on my rear, maybe double on my front.  My father-in-law's Springer has the original tires from '03, and just rolled past 20,000 miles!*  That's out of a bias ply, too.  (They're both solo bikes, I'm still working on acquiring my first rig.)

So my next question to y'all is what would y'all consider a bad tire mileage (solo or rig)?  What is the chief factor that prompts you to shell out for new rubber?


 Have a safe and merry Christmas,


 *the rear tire still has >2/32" tread and neither have any signs of dry rot, traction is still acceptable.


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Posted 12/20/2016 10:34 AM (#91775 - in reply to #91771)
Subject: Re: What do y'all consider "good tire mileage?"


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Your front tire wear will be about the same as it is with out a sidecar. Rear tire wear will be about twice as fast as it was as a solo bike unless you can run an automotive tire. How long tires last have a lot to do with the size and weight of the rig for instance up until 2009 as far as I am concerned Harley ran far to small of a rear tire for how heavy the bikes had grown as such tire life suffered. For many bikes it is possible to run an automotive tire on the stock rear wheel, other bikes require a special wheel and still others it simply can not be done with out significant custom work due to limited narrower automotive sizes. I once had a Honda GL1100 with a custom rear wheel that I sold with 40K on the rear tire and still having legal tread on it. How much wheel lead will also effect rear tire life, the more wheel lead, the more stability you have (up to a point) but the higher the rear tire wear on the bike and the sidecar.

Your second question gets down to what your expectations are. I will change out a tire that might have a fair amount of life left in it if I am heading out on the road and want to make sure that I do not have to change tires on my trip. On my light weight dual sport rig, I might change the fairly cheap rear tire before doing an off road event simply as I like a fresh knobby. If on the other hand if money is tight I might ran a tire until I could swear I could see the air in it due to a lack of money to buy a new tire. Perhaps not wise but such is life. On the sidecar I might change out a tire simply due to dry rot as with some automotive tires with proper alignment on the rig, they can rot before you wear them out.

BTW, we do have proper bike specific mounts for both your V rod and your father in laws springer that will work with our sidecars and most non Harley brand sidecars.

Jay G
DMC sidecars
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Posted 12/29/2016 3:47 AM (#91865 - in reply to #91771)
Subject: Re: What do y'all consider "good tire mileage?"


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I ride a Suzuki GSX1100G since 1998 as a solo bike and the rear tire mileage was always between 8 and 10 k km (5 to 6,2 k mls)Front tire lasted two rear tires. I built a rig out of it with automotive tires all around in 2010 and the tire mileage is appr. 6000 mls for the rear tire, no significant wear on the front tire yet and the sidecar tire is to be changed after 12 k mls, I reckon. (I ride with plenty of toe-in to make it easy to steer for my better half, who rides the rig as well).
Different to the your country there is no speed limit on most Autobahns here and I like to go fast on normal roads. So there´s a lot of slip on the rear wheel during acceleration. If I would let it roll and keep it smooth, it would be like Jay wrote: The tires would rot before they wear out. But that´s not my way to ride a 120 hp rig ...

I have the same tires on my car (VW Golf TDI Diesel). On the front (driven axle) the tires do appr 22 k mls before I change them.

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