British Annual Sidecar Rally
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Subject: British Annual Sidecar Rally

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Just in case some of you get to Great Britain in August - there is a sidecar rally on the 25th through the 28th.

I have been receiving the Brit sidecar magazine - The Outlook. The club looks like they have a lot of fun activities that that the club engages in. This is the response to my question about their annual sidecar rally.

Good Evening Will,

I am pleased you enjoy reading Outlook. It was no effort at all ?

Although the Fed is not strictly a club in itself, we do hold an Annual Rally. Traditionally this is over our August ‘Bank Holiday’. Bank Holiday is a hangover from the days when workers had little time off and so called Bank Holidays were created to give a free holiday entitlement. This year’s Rally is 25th – 28th August, at the Market Harborough Rugby Club in the English County of Leicestershire.

If any of your members are interested in following the UK sidecar scene, the Fed has a website and a very active Facebook page

I have also attached a copy of a listing of European Sidecar Rallies (this is provided by someone I do not know on the Facebook page and is updated on a regular basis).

We are off skiing to Austria tomorrow night, 800 mile drive overnight.


Frank Sumner
International Contact
The Federation of Sidecar Clubs
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