SOA or Texas Sidecar for a vintage Moto Guzzi Convert
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Subject: SOA or Texas Sidecar for a vintage Moto Guzzi Convert

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I am wanting to add a sidecar to my 1980 Moto Guzzi Convert. It will be a winter project. I will be using the sidecar mostly for hauling groceries and gear... maybe an occasional passenger for a short joy ride. No long distance touring etc...

I posted a 'wanted' ad on Craigslist. Local guy has a couple side cars he is willing to sell.

1) Spirit of America "leaner". This one was attached to a Moto Guzzi Convert when he bought the MC so it will / should be an exact fit for my bike as is, not adapter kit etc required.... I could not find any information with a Google search on an SOA "leaner". Anyone have any experience with them? Also, owner said that the frame on the SOA is a lightweight tubing. He commented that the frame was, "not much bigger than a Harley Davidson Crash Bar". Sidecar is complete, stock and unmolested.

2) Texas Sidecar Ranger. No seat or fairing. A PO hacked up part of the fiberglass fender to get a different tire to fit or something. Would require a Moto Guzzi Convert adapter kit but has a more robust frame. I am guessing the adapter kit will add $800 to the final cost.

Looking for your thoughts.


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Subject: Re: SOA or Texas Sidecar for a vintage Moto Guzzi Convert


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SOA (Spirit of America) is a very light duty sidecar that is on a frame made from one inch round tubing. It has a fairly soft shock and if it has a cast wheel rather then a wire spoke wheel it is a wheel that is known to fail. They never made a leaning sidecar. What some one more then likely did was make some special hardware that allowed for only lower mounts then the bike leans. Some people like this set up. My feeling it that it is more a case of the worst of both worlds rather then the best. It still pulls and pushes on acceleration and deceleration however it also can still fall over.
The Texas sidecar is a more robust sidecar. It would be a fixed sidecars. We offer the mounts developed on a G-5 I use to own $775. You might be able to get a windshield from I suspect that the seat was some sort of off the shelf seat. Should not be all that hard to come up with some thing that fits. Many of these sidecars used a trailer fender. Most did not offer any kind of lighting.
Florida sidecar products has a good section on the history of many of theses older sidecars.
Jay G
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