Should I Be Concerned?
Posted 12/1/2017 4:13 AM (#95802)
Subject: Should I Be Concerned?


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I stumbled on a Thread in here, through a Google search I was doing, that discussed one individuals bad experience with a Comet Sidecar. I’m not sure who the manufacturer was, but it seemed it was an earlier model (2013 ?), and I wanted to read more about it, but couldn’t find the actual Thread, when I attempted a search in the Forum itself.

I recall something about a fracture or crack. and the framework of the sidecar coming down on the sidecar wheel, or something to that effect.

Naturally, it made me wonder about the Engineering design of the Cozy Sidecar Co. product I have, and any potentially hazardous aspects.

On another note, regarding the same sidecar.......I had been waiting for the glass for the sidecar windshield (plastic, I’m assuming), and it came in; so I will be picking it up today, after work.

Apparently there is also, a tail light for the sidecar, ALSO in the box.

I guess it pigtails into the brake light on the rear fender of the bike, but I’m not confident in how to run the wires so that they are out of sight, and secure.

Any thoughts????
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Posted 12/6/2017 8:10 AM (#95841 - in reply to #95802)
Subject: Re: Should I Be Concerned?


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The only thing I remember is a seeing was a FB post from this:
Day 25.

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