Note to RACEDIS from Claude
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Posted 4/1/2005 6:04 AM (#7099)
Subject: Note to RACEDIS from Claude


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You know what is so sad here? We are ALL caught up in this thing and we are at each other's throats like a bunch of kids. It was not that long ago that many of us here would come onto the chat at SCT on thursdays and have a good simple time. What has happened to us anyhow? Are we the same people? Jay, Joyce, Mogo, Colby, Dave and me?? What do we think this is anyway? The USCA is only a sidecar club. It is not the department of homeland security. The members are people who like sidecars...are they any different than the board members and those here at RACEDIS? What do the members expect from the club they laid down their bucks to join? What were their expectations? A magazine? A rally? Hanging out with people who also like , or are curoius about, sidecars? What does it take to provide the members with what they expect from the club? Yes we have all made mistakees and all have said things we are, or should be , sorry for. Do we forsake friendships due to personal opinions. Do we do this and not realize that the members are the ones who are hurt by it? People, we all need to wake up and realize we are in this thing together. We can for sure have differences of opinion but that doesn't mean we have a liscense to harbor hard feelings against one another. It does not mean we should get into Lording over one another to prove who is right or wrong. Yes, I have been guilty myself of hiding behind the stupid rules on this site and ,right or wrong, I am not proud of that. If we could only learn to get along and trust one another, even if we do not agree with one another, it would go a long ways towards getting something done for the ones who ARE the USCA..the membership. Can we do that? Can we function without having to make a big deal out of everything and quote what we beleive to be the 'law'. If we cannot do that why? This bickering and leagalistic type of stuff needs to cease. If it does not we will find the USCA to be leagally dead. YES..There are issues to deal with. Some of them are not simple to define but need to be defined and discussed for the betterment of the club.
I would like to go on record to apologise for my actions after Colby made a big deal out of what he considered a wrong doing on my part. I would like to see him do the same, however, if he does not want to 'stoop' to those levels that is his decision not to. My hope is only that differences can be laid aside and we can move on like people, give and take a little , and put the membership and other people's feeling at the forefront of our actions.
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