Sticky Warning, fake e-mails from bottom-feeders
Bob Stock
Posted 6/15/2005 9:54 AM (#8101)
Subject: Warning, fake e-mails from bottom-feeders

Folks, I know that I have talked about this in the past but the number of bottom-feeders out there has us out numbered. Once again I am seeing an increase in the nmber of e-mails that try to make you think it is coming from asking you to click on some or other link to "comfirm your information" or to warn you that you have done something wrong and need to update your information or some other nonsense.

I do not send such e-mails.

I have no support department, management group or anything else like that that belongs to In fact, if I need to e-mail anyone I use a compleaty different e-mail address.

I am sorry to say but sometimes the world wide web is not a nice place at times. There is a lot of good things out there and I would have trouble getting along without it at times but, there are some real low-lives out there trying to steal your money or identity. So , be careful out there.

Bob Stock
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