Learning curve
Posted 12/8/2003 2:39 AM (#1724)
Subject: Learning curve

I'm in the market for my first sidecar and have settled on something from motorvation...When I buy it...i'll be driving it home soooooo..
I'm going to have a hundred and some change worth of OJT in riding and steering...
Are there any books or videos that you can recommend that I can purchase so that my first ride home will be tolerable and safer.
thanks in advance, johnny
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Posted 12/8/2003 5:57 AM (#1727 - in reply to #1724)
Subject: RE: Learning curve


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Congratulations of your choice of sidecar. I think you will be happy with a Motorvation they are great folks to deal with and very service oriented. There is some good training material online. The Motorvation site has some good advice as you will see below.
So here are a couple of links that may help new
riders..and old too.
First is Hal Kendall's books that are free for the viewing right here at http://www.sidecar.com/(the link is on the homepage)or can be ordered on a CD by emailing Hal for
10 dollars. This is very much appreciated and Hal (USCA member #2 AND
ISOK moderator)should be highly commended for making these available
with no personal monetary gain as his goal.

Then there is the following..........
Keep in mind that there are a few items that are specific to the
brands of sidecar they are speaking about.
Click on:


Also click on:

This one is the Ural Site...once there click
on 'How to ride a sidecar'. This is actually the earlier version of 'The Yellow Book'. It was written by David Hough for Ural and then from there he retained the rights to it and wrote the yellow instruction book that he has for sale as has been mentioned here.

Read and practice ...then practice some more, and some more. Sidecars are very additive and a ton of fun but please keep in mind that they are different than any other vehicle on the planet as far a riding (driving) techniques go. Take your time and do not become overconfident too soon. Remember..read and do..practice, practice ,practice.
Hope this helps,

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Posted 12/24/2003 7:30 PM (#1839 - in reply to #1724)
Subject: RE: Learning curve

the book Driving A Sidecar Outfit (aka "the yellow book") is available directly from Printwerk Graphics at 800 736-1117. This book was the basis for the current Sidecar/Trike Education Program, and is written for the sidecar novice. The book includes driving exercises you can practice before hitting the street.

However, I highly recommend you find the S/TEP course, and take it before attempting to drive a rig in traffic. A lot of the lessons about driving a three-wheeler are not self-obvious. For information about courses, contact the Evergreen Safety Council at 800 521-0778 or www.esc.com.

One obvious advantage of taking the course is to gain some experience on a training outfit before getting your own rig. Courses provide the training rigs.

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