Honda CX Subframe?
Posted 12/11/2003 4:04 PM (#1751)
Subject: Honda CX Subframe?


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I'm considering mounting a Velo on a CX650 V-twin. Not much to connect to.
Anyone have pics of a sub-frame or mounting? I know Velorex used to have a sub-frame for the CX500s some time ago, but I haven't seen one of those either. It was inexpensive, so it must not have been too exotic. I've dealt with Beemers and Viragos without the lower frame but this is the first CX650 I've considered for a tug.
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Posted 12/12/2003 9:58 AM (#1756 - in reply to #1751)
Subject: RE: Honda CX Subframe?

i have a pic of one i will try to send it to you
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