BMW Telelever

Posted 1/12/2004 11:58 PM (#1976)
Subject: BMW Telelever

The Telelever front end (as used on the 1150GS for instance) seems like a good candidate for reduced trail without converting to a leading link. The upper ends of the downtubes are carried in "flex joints" and the middle of the downtubes is supported by the single ball joint attached between the fork brace and A arm.

It seems to me that the A arm could be reworked to provide an elongated slot rather than a round hole for the ball joint. The slot would extend forward, say 3/4" to 7/8", and a curved steel plug could be dropped in the slot to hold the ball joint firmly in either forward (sidecar) or rear (solo) trail position.

My magnet says the A arm on my GS is steel, not aluminum, which would welding less stressful. Note that I haven't disassembled the A arm and ball joint to see what would actually be required, but it seems possible in theory. The advantage would be retaining the stock front forks, wheel, fender, etc.

Has anyone tried this mod?

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claude #3563
Posted 1/13/2004 12:11 AM (#1977 - in reply to #1976)
Subject: RE: BMW Telelever


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Has anyone tried it you asked? Yes is the answer. Who? I don't have a clue but remember reading about it somehwere on the net. It was not at SCT either. Sure seemed like a natural to me when I read it though.
And...with all that being said you are no futher ahead that you would have been if I had kept my mouth shut...
Sorry 'bout that,
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