Rally 08 Demo Rides
Al Olme
Posted 2/23/2008 7:44 PM (#33378)
Subject: Rally 08 Demo Rides


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It's been a busy week here in the bat cave... Disregard that! It's been a busy week at rally HQ [the spare bedroom I use as an office]. The folks at IMZ have agreed to work through three of their local dealers, Dave's Cycle and Service, Spring Valley, MN, Steve's Service Center, Phillips, WI and St. Croix Harley Davidson, Inc., New Richmond, WI to have Ural demo bikes at the USCA rally! Therefore, we are making URAL the featured marque for the rally!

There will be an "Off Road" ride for anyone who wants to go and we're talking with the owner of the campground about using his system of snowmobile trails for the demo rides. Maybe we can stretch this into some sort of an event for the sidecar games.

So if you're one of the Uralisti, we've got a special welcome mat rolled out for you at the 30th Annual USCA National Sidecar Rally in Duluth, MN, June 12-15, 2008.

Now, you "foil heads", start calling and emailing Felicia at Wagner's to get her to come to the rally! I've been working on her and she's close but she's not committed yet. Tell her how important it is for her to come. She would be great asset and any Ural meet!

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