Custom sidecar help wanted (Updaded picture) link

Posted 2/16/2004 11:29 PM (#2333)
Subject: Custom sidecar help wanted (Updaded picture) link

Anyone anywhere know of someone who would be interested in Building a custom side car for my '93 Yama Seca II (XJ600)?

Please copy and paste this link scroll down to the green bike "The Flash"
This a good example what I'm looking for. Anyone kave information on that style, or want to help build or build?

I'd like to transfer the stock look of the bike to the sidecar. I have some part's and am searching for more but I'm not sure of everything I may need. Basically need someone to fabricate a frame and sidecar "body" I have someone who can paint the rig and do some of the body work if necassary
I am having trouble locally (Cincinnati OH) finding many people who can/will do side car work I am willing to travel depending on how far price etc..

Please contact me if you can help.

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