sidecar training

Posted 2/24/2004 5:18 AM (#2417)
Subject: sidecar training

I've been riding most of my life but I'm new to sidecars. YIKES !! big difference !! Before I kill myself in a right turn I'd like to get some training. Does anyone of of a class, something like the motorcycle safety course for sidecars in the PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD area ?? I'm in S.E. Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. Thanks.
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Subject: RE: sidecar training


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There is some good sidecar riding training material online.
Here are a few links that may help new
riders..and old too.

First is Hal Kendall's books that are free for the viewing right here at Hal's material can also be ordered on a CD
by emailing Hal for 10 dollars.
Hal writes:""The reason for giving the manuals to the USCA, and
making them available at cost via CD-ROM from my home is that safety
should NOT be something that needs to be BOUGHT if you can't afford
it. If you believe in it, it must be freely shared."
(If you want a CD, just drop Hal an e-mail at price is $10 for US address, $15 for
This is very much appreciated and Hal (USCA member #2 AND
ISOK moderator)should be highly commended for making these available
with no personal monetary gain as his goal.

Then there is the following..........
Keep in mind that there are a few items that are specific to the
brands of sidecar they are speaking about.
Click on:

Also click on:
This one is the Ural Site...once there click
on 'How to ride a sidecar'. This is actually the earlier version
of 'The Yellow Book'. It was written by David Hough for Ural and then
from there he retained the rights to it and wrote the yellow
instruction book that he has for sale as has been mentioned here.

Read and practice ...then practice some more, and some more. Sidecars
are very additive and a ton of fun but please keep in mind that they
are different than any other vehicle on the planet as far a riding
(driving) techniques go. Take your time and do not become
overconfident too soon.
Taking the S/TEP course is also a good idea but
remember it cannot, and will not, take the place of practice practice
practice. Books and courses
are great but it takes practice to apply what you have learned.
Experience equals saftey..a certificate alone will not and can never
ever take
the place of experience.
Hope this helps,
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Subject: RE: sidecar training

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There is also this resource:
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Posted 2/24/2004 10:49 PM (#2430 - in reply to #2417)
Subject: RE: sidecar training

My wife and I took the Evergreen saftey council's S/TEP class. It was excellent. My wife had not driven anything other than cars with automatic transmissions, and by the end of the first day she was shifting and weaving around the cones like everyone else. At the end of the second day most of the class was 'flying the car' (optional), I highly recommend it!

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