Posted 3/3/2004 11:10 PM (#2509)
Subject: Trail

Does anyone know the formula to figure the minimum trail needed for super slab stability for a GL1000-Velorex rig?
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claude #3563
Posted 3/4/2004 1:00 PM (#2515 - in reply to #2509)
Subject: RE: Trail


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Hey Your wheel should be about done.
Trail? On the highway I don't think you will notice hard steering much at all. You can run the fork tubes up through the triple trees a little to help reduce it some but be careful that the fender does not end up hitting your radiator when you hit some bumps. Been there done that. Also wider than stock bars help a lot as do bar backs. This gives a little more leverage and eases steering effort.
I don't know if we discussed this on the phone that night but we have had a GL1000 since the early eighties that has had various sidecars on it. Velorex, Watsonian Palma and a Motorvation Formula II. Steering effort was never a real big issue after the simple mods mentioned being done.
Have to admit that the Velorex was not a good match for the bike was really too light. Yes the suspension can be modified and weight can be added to help this but in stock form it is just not the best weight or suspension wise. Some have switched to a trailer type axle and suspension setup which works well. We eventually went with a torsion bar maounted across the frame and switched to a Plymouth Reliant spindle. The stock Velorex axle is pretty small. I have never, personally, seen a failure but have heard secondhand tales of such.
Sorry for rambling..just being candid here.
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Posted 3/6/2004 7:13 PM (#2531 - in reply to #2515)
Subject: RE: Trail

Thanks for weighing in Claude. I'll try the simpler things first for sure. I was thinking (my it hurts when I do that) trail is what starts sidecar lift in right hand turns and wanted to find how far I could go in reducing it without going too far and then having to cut and weld again. We've been having some good weather here lately, so the riding itch is in full bloom. I also found another rear comstar wheel if somebody needs one. The splines are in real good shape.

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