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In the Summer 2004 issue on page #32 of Whitehorse Press the 32nd Griffin Park Sidecar Rally video is forsale $20.
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F.Y.I...Here is a post from SCT on ordering the may be a little simplier.
From: "swaybar 2002 USCA#3563"
Date: Sun Nov 2, 2003 5:44 pm
Subject: Griffith Park Sidecar Rally Video Offer

From Doug Bingham:
For years I have been unsuccessful to convince a video production
company to assist me with the time and effort to shoot , edit and
duplicate a professional grade video that we could be proud to share
with others.

Last year my friends at M&M Television stepped up to the plate to
cover the 31st annual Griffith Park Sidecar Rally.They really did a
first rate job of showing how much fun we have and how diverse our
tastes are. They interviewed a few of us and set the mood of the
show with music.

In an effort to assist M&M Television to recoup their expenses
these tapes are being offered at 20 dollars each which will include
sales tax, shipping and handling anywhere in the USA.
You can order by sending a check to:
M&M Television
Attn: Sidecar Rally
18946 Bessemer Street
Tarzana, California 91335-6716

This is the only way I can thank the M&M crew for doing our sidecar
industry right. This tape will last for many years as a
representation of one of the best kept secrets of the motorcycle
industry, the fun of owning and riding with a sidecar. Call or email
me if you have any questions.
Yours truly,
Doug Bingham

Ph. 818-780-5542

I have had a chance to preview this tape and it is indeed a good
quality production. It gave me a 'feel good feeling' if you know
what I mean. If you look close you will even see our ISOK logo in
one section! (Gail?
I would encourage you to order this is a good addition to
anyone's sidecar library.

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