Jay G.One Members input for what its worth.......
Posted 3/13/2004 5:03 PM (#2632)
Subject: Jay G.One Members input for what its worth.......


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I am all for saving money but..........something that I have seen in other clubs thru the years is a Volunteer in time does burn out from a non paying job,workload,fun time thing or what ever you want to call it. This is something that the BOARD MEMBERS hopefully do realise and try to prepair for as apposed to taking something away and trying to wing it with out a volunteer to step in. Now the USCA has had WEST COAST RALLYS in 1980 in Estes Park Cal. in 1983 Lake Tahoe Cal. in 1986 Buellton Cal. and last in 1990 Coos Bay Oregon. Were you able to make any of these Jay? So counting on my fingers that tells me the last one in the West was 14 years and yes its been a while and most likely been overdue.What I have seen in rallys past EVEN in the mid west not many people from the West Coast have come,I am a license plate collector and by habit I look at license plates to see just where the heck they came from and if its personalised,I think that in Missouri I counted aprox. 7 that were a little further to the west,my guess is that the length of time to travel to the rally site is the number one reason and that is very understandable. For my wife and daughter and myself to get to Washington about 2500 miles away,5 days potty stops included in this,my self I may get there in 3 long days or 4 tops depending on the potty stops. Now belonging to other bike clubs I snooped around a little the AMCA which has 10,000+ members the Directors etc that are listed on the inside cover maybe 3/4 of them are on line. When I joined this club it was for the common intrest in SIDECARS not computers so if I understood Jay Geise right I have to have a computer to be a STATE REP. or a BOARD MEMBER if this is true NOBODY ever told me.As for the USCA being a club for and this is Jay's words "a few select people on the East Coast" what type of shot would that be Jay? I guess I may be a little confused in that because I am on the Eastern part of the Country but....I live in WESTERN NEW YORK............. Smile
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Posted 3/13/2004 5:30 PM (#2634 - in reply to #2632)
Subject: RE: Jay G.One Members input for what its worth.......

Thank you for your input. I wish more people would take the time to let there regions dirrectors know their point of view.
I see no reason for state reps to be on line. There is so much work that needs to be done by the board that I think that board members really should be on line.
Just my opionon that I am in the minority on and can accept.
I started sidecaring in the late 1980's some time and did not even hear of the USCA untill some time in the 90's in that time there has not been an event that was on the west coast. We have been to some events on the east coast. A couple of Hack'd events and on USCA national. But as you say it is a long way to go.
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