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Posted 3/13/2004 9:19 PM (#2656)
Subject: Re: Constitution question

Did the board follow the existing Constitution and bylaws to decide the issue of Al roach being paid for his work as registrar? Why did three board members vote to keep paying Mr. Roach in december 2003 and as elections neared change thier vote?
Claude asked that I state my opinion, so here it is. I think Mr. Roach should be allowed to continue on doing the job he was asked to do by Mr. Ed Johnson. The club is solvent enough to afford it and it is a lot of work, and it is very important that the club have a stable address.
Also if the files from racedis are to large for the band width here, the board would be welcome to post them at Q & A, as I am sure every one on the directors wants everything open and above board. I was a member of this board for a year, from 7/02 until 6/03 and will again be a member again starting 7/04, and while on the board I inisted that everyone ( including my self) follow the existing Constitution and Bylaws, even if I did not agree with them.

This is suposed to be a fun Club to belong to, and if everyone would follow the constitution and bylaws there would not be issues like this one on this board and it would be fun for every one.
Colby M Cousineau # 6480
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Posted 3/13/2004 9:30 PM (#2660 - in reply to #2656)
Subject: Re: Constitution question

Thanks Colby,
Read the presidents message posted earlier and give these folks your opion let us put this to rest shortly. Thanks for offering QandA I would like to see the file open. If you can get them go ahead and post.
Then you can direct traffic and put a stop to this. YIC
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Posted 3/14/2004 10:48 AM (#2677 - in reply to #2660)
Subject: Re: Constitution question


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I have to agree with Colby about the situation with Al Roach I spoke to Ed Johnson for aprox. an hour at the LaCrosse Rally IN GREAT LENGTH about the USCA. Ed DID tell me that Al Olme did pull the USCA back from the dead and should be thanked for what he did,and at the general membership meeting Ed did just that and thanked Al Ed also spoke to me about running for the North East Rep. position ,BUT Ed Johnson also did say that he spoke to Al Olme that it is VERY IMPORTANT TO THE CLUB THAT AL ROACH CONTINUE TO BE PAID BECAUSE OF THE REASONS THAT COLBY HAS STATED. Again I am for saving money but,this club has money in the bank and the importance of the membership listing I feel is worth thisAfter all I have had board members say that we can put on a rally now and not have to worry about making money,Personaly I would hope that we do and the rally next year in 05 will be in the west.I to would like to see the files on Q and A thankyou Colby for offering I hope to see it posted there soon.Chuck Tretyak #5244 soon to be North East Director in June,I would hope that this matter is put to rest soon for the good of this club and we can move on to what has brought us here in the first place!

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