Edge of the Continent (North)
Posted 1/16/2009 12:21 AM (#41328)
Subject: Edge of the Continent (North)

Start at Pacifica (south of San Fran) on Hwy 1, head south and enjoy the views off the bluffs and out over the big, blue Pacific. Pull in at Half Moon Bay or Princeton-by-the-Sea for a cuppa. Head farther south and enjoy the ride to Pescadero (a mile east off the highway); lunch at Duarte's - artichoke soup and ollalieberry pie! Back on the road - pull in at Pigeon Point or better yet, turn left across from Pigeon Point and go on up to the overlook. Not done yet: head south and stop at Costanoa Resort for a potty break or press on to Davenport for an ice cream cone at the bakery. No doubt, you'll find kindred riders out front. You're only 12 miles from Santa Cruz now. Head into town and turn right on Western, take West Cliff Drive along the coast and enjoy the homes and the views. You can get back to the highway on Ocean Street. Hwy 17 is tricky but it will get you over the hill to 280, 85 or even 101 if you need them to get home.
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