Edge of the Continent (Middle)
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Subject: Edge of the Continent (Middle)

Leave Santa Cruz on Hwy 1 heading south, past Watsonville through Moss Landing past Castroville, Marina, Seaside and Monterey to Carmel. Take a break. Carmel is a great little town to stretch your legs in. At the very least, turn right on Rio Road and take in the Mission. Back on Highway 1 south and you don't need any help from me after that. The Coast Road to Big Sur is the most beautifual stretch of blacktop on the planet. Twenty-four miles later you have a choice of the River Inn, Big Sur State Park or eight more miles and lunch at Nepenthe. Still got a little left in you? Twenty-one miles further and you're in Lucia, a cliff-hanger of the little "town". Get some rest; you're either gonna head back the way you came or press on to parts south.
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Subject: RE: Edge of the Continent (Middle)


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Heading for the 2005 Griffith Park Rally I gassed up at Big Sur.
$4.449 per gallon and I had my choice of low octane California regular or diesel for the same price. I opted for the bargain regular.
Riding from Marysville, WA I was used to getting ripped off for gas, but $4.449 in 2005?

Ah yes, I remember it well. Foggy it was and not an ocean in sight.

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Subject: RE: Edge of the Continent (Middle)

Ah, yes...hostage pricing. I mean they are in a "tourist" price zone for gas, apparently.

The fog does lift - try it in September/October. Can't have those gorgeous towering redwoods without the fog, y'know.
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