This Sunday 4/4/04 in New England
Posted 3/30/2004 4:15 PM (#2903)
Subject: This Sunday 4/4/04 in New England

The SideCars of New England Group will be meeting at THREE O'CLOCK in the Afternoon for a late lunch & a few words from the local "Ride For Kids" coordinator. (

He will simply be promoting the New England Ride for Kids ride that will be in August 2004.

Ride for Kids is a Motorcycle charity ride that benefits Children with Brain Cancer.

Sidecarists are specifically asked to participate in these rides as only Sidecars are allowed to give rides to the children that Ride for Kids helps support. There are always plenty of two wheelers that show up, but the Sidecars look like the Calvary arriving to the kids who look forward to this.

We hope you can get out & take a spin this Sunday & stop in to say Hi!

We will be meeting at "The Timeless Diner" on Route 101A in Amherst, NH. We will be gathering in the Back Room at the restaurant.

If you are NOT from New England but still would like to give a Brain Cancer fighter/survivor a ride in your sidecar, just visit & see where your local ride will be happening.

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