Sixth - First Annual Skunks Rally a soggy success
Al Olme
Posted 6/8/2009 7:13 PM (#44522)
Subject: Sixth - First Annual Skunks Rally a soggy success


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25 sidecar rigs and enough people to ride them [plus a few more...OK about 40] met at the Pioneer Museum in Cameron, WI for yet another very casual rally. We rode out to dinner Friday evening and did the usual rally stuff around the campfire. Saturday started out cloudy but dry... that didn't last. Despite the rain we had a good time with very little complaint about the weather. Everybody just accepted the fact that it was raining and went on with enjoying the other folks, the rally and the museum. we had a nice casual meal prepared by the museum for us on Saturday evening and gave away a few joke door prizes.

Kevin Hahn was re-elected as Grand Phew for yet another year and it was agreed that the Seventh - First Annual Skunks Rally, Tornado Watch and Bear Scare-a-thon will be held in the same place on June 4-6 next year. To see a few photos and a little more text go to but you should probably wait for a day or so to give Sheldon time to get the photos posted.

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