Cheese heads enroute to Carlsbad

Posted 4/8/2004 11:27 AM (#3026)
Subject: Cheese heads enroute to Carlsbad

The plan is to ride out of Bristol WI. early on the morning of 18 April heading for Tom Hansen's 2nd Annual Cavern City Three Wheel Rendezvous, Going south to St. Louis, then south west to SpringField Mo., there getting off the supper slab and running back roads to Carlsbad NM. We will be going east of OK. City on route 69 and skirting north of Dallas to Gainsville Tx. and pick up 51 which runs south west and find our way to Carlsbad from there.
If any one has any suggestions about a must see attraction or a place of interest please let me know, as we will have enough time to sight see on this trip. If you are on or near our route and would like to meet for Coffee, let me know.
We will be riding a pearl yellow 1800 goldwing /Hannigan hack and an 1800 blue trike, both with Wisconsin plates, if you see us wave, if you are going to the Carlsbad Rally and want to ride with us, you can email me at: ccridr at
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