"Flxible" style sidecar

Posted 4/8/2004 5:06 PM (#3030)
Subject: "Flxible" style sidecar

I was just wondering why there are not more of these around? Not to say that I haven't seen any, but the most popular seem to be rigid designs. Are there any reasons for this, safety, cost?
The main reason I ask is that I am a fairly experienced solo rider, and I could really use sidecar, but I don't know if I want a rigid. After looking around I thought I would try and get some peoples opinions of them.

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Posted 4/8/2004 5:48 PM (#3031 - in reply to #3030)
Subject: RE: "Flxible" style sidecar


Go to this site, it will get you started.

There are also electric-lean setups that you can install your self.
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Posted 4/10/2004 1:01 AM (#3044 - in reply to #3030)
Subject: RE: "Flxible" style sidecar

Thanks Wiskers, that looks like a good place to start.
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Posted 4/10/2004 5:16 AM (#3046 - in reply to #3044)
Subject: RE: "Flxible" style sidecar


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You can also check out the Armec leaning sidecars. The 'Sidewinder' and the 'TremoLeaner'. See: http://www.armec.com/default.html

Keep in mind that nether the Armec nor the Flexit work the same as the flxible but they are still leaners.
The flxibl was a setup where the sidecar body actually stayed level while the bike and sidecar wheel leaned.
The Flexit setup is such that the whole sidecar leans with the bike.Another version of this principle was the Equalean which is out of production.
The Armec products are set up so the bike leans while everthing else stays practically level. For many years the Armec type setup was referred to as an 'articulating' sidecar while others were called simply 'leaners'.
There have been quite a few who have converted LIGHT conventional sidecars to the 'articulating' type rigs. Basically the bike leans by pivoting on the two lower mounts. The type and location of these lower mounts is critical to proper operation. You cannot simply remove the upper mounts on a conventional rig and make it into an articulating sidecar!! You can, however, on some articualting rigs add upper mounts to make them rigid.
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