Electrical hook-up science....

Posted 4/13/2004 7:25 PM (#3107)
Subject: Electrical hook-up science....

Hey Folks;

Well, I've got the sidecar firmly installed, and painted and am now ready to get involved in wiring everything up. So I have a question or two....

1) Do you recommend taking power from the bike battery itself, in order to run sidecar running lights, tail lights, CD player and so forth? Or do you prefer to tie into one or other of the factory provided accessory hook-ups?

2) What do you recommend for connecting and disconnecting the sidecar system from the bike, when removing and re-attaching the hack? What if you will end up with upwards of seven or eight different circuits on the sidecar? (I do know that some appliances have gang-connectors, with wires plenty big enough to carry the power needed between bike and hack. Has anybody used one of these?).

Thanks for your advice!

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Posted 4/14/2004 12:40 AM (#3109 - in reply to #3107)
Subject: RE: Electrical hook-up science....

Good Day Sahagan,
I usually use a four pin trailer light wiring kit to run power to the sidecar. They are fairly tidy and inexpensive and give you a convenient disconnect. You just hook up the wires the same as if you were wiring for a trailer except you don't have to connect the left turn signal. If you are going to run accessories in the sidecar off the motorcycle battery it is best to do it through a relay you've installed which receives it's signal from the tail light wire. That way the accessory can only be operated when the motorcycle key is turned on which prevents accidentally draining the battery.
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Posted 4/14/2004 7:43 PM (#3115 - in reply to #3107)
Subject: Electrical hook-up science....

Hi Norm;

Thanks! I can see where the trailer hook-up would be both easy and safe, as well as fairly inexpensive.

The idea of running the accessories off the bike, through a relay energized by the tail light wire is one fine idea....and the only way I'd fail to follow through on that, is if I decide to go with a separate battery for the hack itself. And to tell you the truth, I suspect I'll go ahead as you suggested, and if it's adequate I'll simply leave well enough alone. If not, then I'll address the extra battery idea.

So, tomorrow, I'll start putting your suggestion to work. Again, my sincere thanks for the advice.


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