Chelan Sidecar Rally - Drive-in Movie
Posted 3/5/2010 10:53 AM (#49759)
Subject: Chelan Sidecar Rally - Drive-in Movie

During the Chelan Sidecar Rally I am hosting an old fashion Drive-in Movie.., with a home made spaghetti dinner and live music before the show.
I am looking for a couple 'shorts' to show during this event. I was told that there is a Keystone Cops short - filmed in 1915 - that has a sidecar rig in it.., but I can not find any reference to it, anywhere.., if it's true, that has to be one of the first times a sidecar rig was used/filmed in a flick. Does any one know about this ?
Any suggestions on a couple more short features with sidecar rigs., available on dvd.., to show during this event...??
..,and/or is there someone who would like to do a presentation/sideshow on sidecars.., riding/safety.., adventures?

Thanks !
d'Lynn / Chelan Washington
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Subject: RE: Chelan Sidecar Rally - Drive-in Movie


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There is a very old Keystone Cops movie that features a sidecar. Probably been 40 plus years since I last viewed it. There was a scene where the sidecar had a passenger and I think they were in a chase after an automoblie. Well, the sidecar parted company from the bike going down a hill. I do not recall much more detail but the movie did exist and just may be available on CD.

Todays stunt people have nothing on the oldtimers such as the Keystone Cops. They really played rough.

Waiting for warmer weather,

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Posted 3/6/2010 10:09 AM (#49772 - in reply to #49759)
Subject: Re: Chelan Sidecar Rally - Drive-in Movie

That's the same discription - only they were being cased by a guy on a horse. .., and I found it ! It is 1915 Keystone Cops - about 9minutes.., and considered one of their best. Love, Speed and Thrills.., got it through Amazon.
Come to the rally and watch it on the 'big screen'.

Thanks ! / d'Lynn CSR
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