Looking for Boston area sidecarest for Ad runs
Bob Stock
Posted 4/30/2004 10:24 AM (#3261)
Subject: Looking for Boston area sidecarest for Ad runs

I had a call from a promotion group in Mass. that are looking for two sidecar rigs that can be used for a rolling billbord. If you have seen the cars that are wrapped in an ad you will know what I mean. The idea is to ride around the Boston area mostly the colleges, and pass out handouts. I was asked that the bikes should be "cool looking" and the side cars too. This will be during the summer and mostly on Fri and Sat with a few Sundays thrown in. This will be payed for on a hourly basis. I don't really know what it would be but I think it would be around $20/hr. Any one interested? Drop me an e-mail if you are. This has to be put together by July for a Aug. rollout. One other thing. The rig will be restored back to its starting finish after the ad program at no cost to you. Could you also send me a photo of your rig? This is so I can pass it on so a choice can be made.
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