BlackDog Dualsport Rally June 5~6,2010
Posted 5/13/2010 12:01 AM (#51254)
Subject: BlackDog Dualsport Rally June 5~6,2010

I just got off the phone with Tawm. Adventure Sidecar will once again be providing the sidecar trophy for the BlackDog Dualsport Rally.

The rally is Saturday and Sunday June 5 & 6 with a special night ride Friday evening. The BlackDog stages out of Hood River County Fairgrounds in Odell, Oregon USA

Get your roll chart holders and tripmeters rigged and join us. Mr.Cob will unveil his Predator Ural rig there

(photo courtesy of Dave”Mr.Cob” Hooker)

and I know at least 3 KLR sidecar teams are planning to be riding. This is too much fun to pass up, come to Hood River and join us!


More info at:

With a sidecar, I usually set up the rollchart and tripmeter on the sidecar so the passenger can do the navigation. I like to set it up so the driver can look over and see it and have the GPS on the handlebars to use as a back up tripmeter. It’s more fun when the monkey and the pilot can act as a team. This allows you to stop less and concentrate on your driving.



Pay attention to the roll chart-it has important information!


If you have spare airfilters, bring ‘em- you have been warned!



Check out what Tawm sez about rollchart holders here:

If you haven’t done the BlackDog before, surf there is a ton of information hidden on Tawm’s site!

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