ThankYou 2010 Vermont Rally Volunteers!
Posted 7/20/2010 7:58 PM (#52641)
Subject: ThankYou 2010 Vermont Rally Volunteers!


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Although there was nothing that we could do at all about the heat...

I would like to thank all the people that stepped forward to help with the
various tasks and help in making the United Sidecar Associations 32nd National
Sidecar rally in Vermont.

At the Registration Table:

Wayne And Beverly Riedel
Don and Alma Nolin
Dale Cochran
Butch And Mae Cross
Al and Maryann Olme
Al Roach
George Haggerty
Hank Waters

50/50 Raffle sellers:

Joyce Canfield
Don and Alma Nolin
Wayne and Beverly Reidel

Self Guided Ride Maps:

Eric Adams

The People at Green Mountain Coffee:
For their generous donation of the different flavors of coffee and the machine
to make it with

Guide for the Friday ride to Ben and Jerrys:

Eric Adams

Green Mountain Harley Davidson:

For the coffee and Doughnuts at their Dealership the guided ride in the Vermont
countryside and for the $25. gift card to a lucky winner!

Saturday Morning Tech Session:

Claude Stanley And Dave Keesee

Just a note here, I couldn't help but notice just how well attended this session
was the length of time it went on for and the amount of people that came
prepaired and took notes!

The Saturday afternoon Sidecar Games;

Al Olme
Dave Szudlareck
Charlie Chigdey From Australia
Eric Adams
Also there was a guy I believe from Canada that was helping out I am sorry but I
forgot your name

Sunday Morning Worship Service:

Claude Stanley

Last a very special thankyou to:
Beverly Reidel and Alma Nolin
These two ladys were my constant companions with everything through out the

Again I would like to thank the above people I apoligize for any one that I may
have missed and would like to thank all the people that did come to USCA
National in Vermont this year.

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