Vetter Terraplane
Posted 5/5/2004 9:58 PM (#3329)
Subject: Vetter Terraplane

For all you Techies out there I have a question for you. Does anyone know if you can attach a Vetter Terraplane to a Harley? No specific model, just thinking of buying a Harley and I seem to only see Harleys with one specific sidecar. Second, Is it really possible to have a "sidecar rig" that you can unhook the sidecar and ride solo? When I bought my sidecar rig I knew nothing and that was a question I asked the seller " How hard is it to unhook and hook up the sidecar from the Bike" and he told me he was asked by everyone that looked at the rig and that sidecar rigs are not meant to unhooked and hooked up again. Any knowledge or thoughts on this??

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Posted 5/6/2004 6:58 AM (#3331 - in reply to #3329)
Subject: RE: Vetter Terraplane

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it has been a long time since i have seen hd/vetter rig. it was back when vetters were more popular. vetter is only a 3 point mount and if you don't use a sidecar brake it isn't that hard to take off. that is if your bike is stock. if you modify the forks or go to square tires you would not want to remove it. i prefer to have 2 (or more) bikes.
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Posted 5/6/2004 8:37 AM (#3334 - in reply to #3329)
Subject: RE: Vetter Terraplane

One issue with trying to have a bike that you can pull the sidecar on and off is cornering ground clearence with the mounts on the bike. This problem is worse on cruiser type bikes with floor boards as you often have to have the sidecar mount sticking out a ways to clear the floor boards and the frames of these bikes are already close to the ground.
The Vetter works pretty good as a sidecar however they have a unique mounting system and unless you find mounts specificaly for your bike and this sidecar you will have to do some fabrication. Every Vetter I have had in the shop (granted I have only seen a handfull) also had a brake of what I feel is a very stupid design. It looks like it is a go cart disk brake. The calipar is ridged mounted in such a way that the only way that it can grab both sides of the rotor is if the rotor warps as the claipar does not float nor does the rotor and the calipar only has a piston on one side.
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Posted 5/7/2004 9:22 AM (#3347 - in reply to #3329)
Subject: RE: Vetter Terraplane

I've heard from some Ural guys that even if you are running round-profile tires on your sidecar rig, you must change tires before riding solo. This is because the wear the tires have been subject to is all in the center of the tread and, in effect, turns them into square-profile tires. I've read that trying to ride solo with such tires can make for a real "white knuckle" experience.

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