Question on raked Triple Tree
Posted 8/10/2010 7:35 PM (#53072)
Subject: Question on raked Triple Tree

Hi All!
I have a 1990 Yamaha VMax with a Velorex Sidecar attached. I use it mainly for rides with the wife, I also have another bike for solo riding. This sidecar has been attached to several bikes through the 12 years that I have had it including a 1980 Yamaha 650, and a 1976 HondaMatic 750. Well after STEERING this unit for so many years I started looking into options that are available for easier steering and I am encouraged by the raked Triple tree option. I found a used one on E-Bay for $90 and plan on modifying it myself. I'm looking for information regarding how much of a degree change is made at the steering stem? I'm under the impression that a good number is to reduce the trail 65%. Any feedback?
Thanks, BM
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