Another Triple Tree Question
Posted 8/16/2010 1:36 PM (#53191)
Subject: Another Triple Tree Question

I don't know if anyone here has done the Triple Tree Modification but I'm looking for information. I got a used Yamaha VMax Triple Tree on E-Bay (1986) and I'm looking at a Steel Steering Stem with an Aluminum Bottom Section for the Forks connected by either threading or some kind of press fit with a roll pin stop on one side. Does anyone know how these 2 pieces are held together?
Thanks, BM
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Posted 2/5/2011 11:08 AM (#56012 - in reply to #53191)
Subject: Re: Another Triple Tree Question

I built my tripple trees from 1 inch plate the bottom plate was welded to the stem and I did counter sunk pinch bolts to hold the fork's in place, just like stock..I'm not sure if this is what your asking.but hopefully someone else will kick in ..look at the stock/factory setup's generaly simple and cheep way to do things...I am useing a honda V45 frontend on my harley I can stop as fast as I can accelerate !!!
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