Internet Scam!!!
Posted 5/12/2004 7:53 AM (#3382)
Subject: Internet Scam!!!

Hello all,

Just wanted to pass on a friendly warning I encountered last night. I have an item listed for sale on two different websites and was contacted lastnight from a "gentleman" inquiring about it and was all to willing to pay askingprice but he was not in the states so he would have a "colleague" send me a certified check and have it picked up from my house. A second email stated he had other items at his house in the US that he needed shipped to him overseas so he would just send me a certified check for $4,400.00 and I was to take my 1,800.00 and forward the remaining cash to some shipper to pay them for shipping his items. If you are familiar with the website (internet bmw riders) they have had this same scam with their classifieds also, DON"T do this if someone asks you. It is a scam and once you forward the remainedr of the money your bank will find out a few days later the certified check is bogus and they will come after you for the money in FULL!! Don't be scammed, be careful out there. Just wanted to pass this on to everyone, I was lucky I heard about this before and being a police officer gave me a little feeling that something was wrong with this. They are being reported to the Federal Trade Commission. You can check their website for email addresses if you think a potential buyer is not on the up and up. You can forward email scams to them a

Good luck and stay safe!!

Larry Willis
1989 BMW K-100 LT with Vetter Hack
1990 K-75 solo
1993 Harley Davidson FLHTP solo
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Posted 5/17/2004 7:26 PM (#3455 - in reply to #3382)
Subject: RE: Internet Scam!!!

This is also a method of money laundering. Especially counterfeit money.
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