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Newbie questions...PLEASE HELP ME!
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Posted 3/9/2005 7:26 PM (#6642)
Subject: Newbie questions...PLEASE HELP ME!

I know I am new here...but please bear with me.....I just got my 2004 retro so here goes:
1. the bike has 61km on it and the header pipes are blue-ing...are my carbs set to I going to burn a piston...should I richen the mixture?
2. The Idle is running REALLY high and fast...should I let that stay until break in is over?
3. does neutral get easier to find...ever?
4. The wooden reverse knob lever came all chewed up? Is it just poorly finished from the factory?
5. The bike is sputtering alot at first go....I am thinking its just too lean and I need Carb adjustment perhaps?
6. how often should I use my 3mm allen and drain the carb bowls?

lastly, the bike came from the dealer with the bike tilted I am assuming to counterbalance the hack, but it always looks like its leaning left....I'd like it straight and this an easy fix....please advise how...

Please help me...I want this to be a fun adventure for my son and I?
I appreciate that there are those of you out there that really love these machines like I already do!
-Michael S.
Baltimore, MD
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Posted 3/10/2005 12:07 AM (#6644 - in reply to #6642)
Subject: RE: Newbie questions...PLEASE HELP ME!


Posts: 4833
Location: Boise, Idaho
It sounds like most of your questions should be directed to the dealer you purchased the rig from. Did you get an owners manual with the bike? Recommended idle speed should be listed in it if you did. A rough or high idle could be caused by an improper float level or leakage past the needle and seat on a carb. With only 61KM it's hard to tell what to expect without discussing it with your dealer or their service dep't. You are probably not going to burn a piston unless you are running at higher speeds or RPM range than recommended for the break-in period.
Neutral is best found with a lower idle speed if stopped. The best way is to shift down as you slow down and find neutral before you are stopped.
Reverse lever? Blame lack of good quality control. It is Retro.
Draining the float bowls will only help if you have stale or contaminated fuel. Was the tank filled at the pump or with a gas can?
The leanout is a functional part of the alignment for a sidecar outfit. On a crowned road the bike will be vertical or close to it. Without the leanout you might be holding on to the left handgrip with both hands to go straight ahead, as the bike would want to pull to the right (Downhill) from the drag of the sidecar.
Hang in there and get ahold of someone experienced with your machine and pick their brain a little. Good Luck, it'll only get better.


Edited by Hack'n 3/10/2005 12:11 AM
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Uncle Ernie
Posted 3/11/2005 6:46 AM (#6661 - in reply to #6642)
Subject: RE: Newbie questions...PLEASE HELP ME!

Holy Cow! If you're not draining the carb every night, you could seize the engine. Just kidding- Seriously, though, it sounds to me like your main problem is a lack of communication with the dealer. That's assuming he knows what HE's talking about. I don't know what kind of bike you have, but any bike should not race at idle. If this is your first bike, though, you'll need to expect it to be different from a car; louder, more RPMs when running, etc. A little lean out is expected. If you feel like you're going to fall off or you need to fight to stay on, then it's not set up right. Get with your dealer- I'm sure you wouldn't want your doctor diagnosing problems on the internet or over the phone, either.
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Posted 3/11/2005 10:25 AM (#6670 - in reply to #6642)
Subject: RE: Newbie questions...PLEASE HELP ME!

The sputtering when cold can be helped by higher oct.gas I use 91 but I only drive around town I don't know if it would cause a problem at extended high speed.If you are at a stop and shift in and out of reverse you will be in nutral,good luck Mike.
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claude #3563
Posted 3/11/2005 6:49 PM (#6678 - in reply to #6642)
Subject: RE: Newbie questions...PLEASE HELP ME!


Posts: 2498
Location: Middleburg, Pa
I would suggest that you post your concerns at the link below as well as here.
It is a Yahoo site so you will need a name and passord. This site is by Flicka and Mike from Wagners Cycle and is quite active with many veteran Ural jockeys as members. Flicka is also very willing to offer good advice. Wagners does a good volume of Ural sales and is very service oriented and open with info. THEY have 'been ther done that' regarding most situations.
Founder: Internet Sidecar Owners Klub at SCT
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Posted 3/12/2005 8:29 PM (#6706 - in reply to #6642)
Subject: international shipping

Sounds to me like you have a dealer like my local one. When iI complained about many of the same complaints as yours, the answer was "they all do that". My answer to that is B---S--t.
Fast idle on a new Ural? turn down the idle control screws until it reaches a comfortable level. With high idle, you will always have trouble finding neutral. Ural pipes do get blue, but you are correct that it it probably a bit lean. FOLLOW BREAK-IN INSTRUCTIOND TO THE LETTER!!! Remember that you are dealing with an engine/transmission built on 1939 machinery to 1939 tolerances. Allow a proper warm up...don't rush to open the chokes, wait for speed to increase as engine reaches proper operating tempurature, then slowly open both chokes. Get to URAL website and address your concerns to the forum there...remember..URALS ARE UNIQUE!!...
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