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The rally before the rally [and what to do in between]
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Al Olme
Posted 2/24/2008 3:11 PM (#33411)
Subject: The rally before the rally [and what to do in between]


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Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Many of you have heard of the "SKUNKS". The SKUNKS are really the "SideKars Up North Klub", an "organization" [perhaps a lack of organization] founded by Jerry Schmidt as a reaction to being told to "serious up and start posting stuff that's really about sidecars" on another well known "sidecar talk site". I've paraphrased there but it's more or less true.

The SKUNKS hold their pan galactic rally each June on the weekend when the museum in Cameron opens. So things won't get boring and to confuse the local law, this will be the Fifth First Annual SKUNKs In Da Woods Rally, Typhoon Watch & Bear Scare-A-Thon. It's held each year at the Pioneer Village Museum just outside Cameron, Wisconsin. For de-"tails" go to . The rally is a great time for all and as an added attraction, I probably won't get to be there this year because of the other little rally thing that we're working on.

BUT, THAT"S NOT WHY I STARTED THIS POST! I started this so I could tell you about a neat [or foolish] thing that's happening BETWEEN the Fifth First Annual SKUNKs In Da Woods Rally, Typhoon Watch & Bear Scare-A-Thon and the USCA National in Duluth. Our own Gust Jenson, has once again decided to throw caution to the winds and take the long way around to the USCA rally [from Cameron]. He and possibly a few others, who are not followers because Gust refuses to be followed or to lead, but companions [because they comp?] will set out from Cameron to circumnavigate Lake Superior in an anti-clockwise manner. They will [er, should?] arrive at the rally some 1,100 or probably more miles and five days later on Friday, June 13th [no date significance attached].

I’m not doin’ it because I’m going to be busy [and because I’m still relatively sane] but frankly I wish I could. Gust has actually gone around the lake before so he has gained experience if not wisdom. I can’t think of many folks I’d rather travel with than Gust. If you want to EXPAND your rally experience, make two rallies in two weeks and see some remarkable stuff, tag along with Gust for this trip. For more information take a look at his website…

While you’re there, take the time to poke around a little. Gust is a cool frood and has done a lot of the things that many of us would like to do on our rigs and he’s documented most of it.

BTW, I apologize for the number of quotes and brackets in this post but that's just the way I put what I'm thinking down on paper when it's meant to be seen by friends. I can actually write when called upon.

Edited by Al Olme 2/24/2008 3:12 PM
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Posted 2/24/2008 4:36 PM (#33417 - in reply to #33411)
Subject: RE: The rally before the rally [and what to do in between]

For those of us who,until now,have had no need to know, are passports required to enter Canada?
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Posted 2/24/2008 4:46 PM (#33418 - in reply to #33417)
Subject: RE: The rally before the rally [and what to do in between]

Elite Veteran

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Location: Salem, OR
From The Seattle Times on 1/13/2008. Sorry for such a long post - I couldn't get a hyperlink to work.

Q. What's going on?

A. The United States has been tightening its border security in recent years and is trying to standardize the documents that people use. Eventually a passport — or one of a few other forms of federally approved forms of identification — will be required for all travel outside the U.S., including a weekend driving trip to Vancouver, B.C., or ferry to Victoria. That's likely to start in June 2009.

In the meantime, all adult travelers crossing the border by land and sea must have proof of citizenship plus photo ID to cross the border starting Jan. 31. All air travelers already need a passport for flights to Canada and all other foreign countries.

This is part of a new U.S. law, called the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which sets the rules for entering (or returning) to the United States from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean for which there have been laxer rules.

In practice, U.S. border inspectors have been asking for ID but it hasn't been required nor standardized under law. Starting Jan. 31, it will be.

Q. What does land/sea crossing mean?

A. It's any way you cross the border other than by a plane. This means driving in a car, taking a bus or train. It means hiking, walking or bicycling across the border. Sea crossings include by ferry, cruise ship and private boats, from kayaks to yachts.

You need ID for all such trips.

Q. Can I use my driver's license if I'm driving to B.C.?

A. No, not on its own. A driver's license works as identification, but it doesn't establish your citizenship. Starting Jan. 31 you must be able to prove both your identity and citizenship.

To prove your citizenship, you must show the border inspector a passport, birth certificate or naturalization certificate — something that proves your U.S. citizenship.

To prove your identification, all travelers 19 and older must also have government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license.

However, for U.S. citizens 18 and under, only proof of citizenship — such as a birth certificate — is required. No photo ID is required. (The same rule applies to Canadian citizens 18 and under; they only need a birth certificate.)

If you're a legal resident of the U.S. but not a citizen, you'll need the documents that prove your residency status plus your citizenship papers.

Q. Does it have to be the original, certified birth certificate?

A. No, a copy is OK, according to Mike Milne, a spokesman for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service.

Q. What if I don't have a passport and can't find my birth certificate?

A. Get a birth certificate from the vital statistics office in the area in which you were born. For those born in Seattle and elsewhere in King County, they're issued by the King County Vital Statistics Office,

Q. Do I really need ID for a baby?

A. Yes. Every person who is crossing the border must have ID.

Some other child-travel things to know:

If minor children are traveling to Canada with a relative or family friend, they must have their ID plus a signed letter from parents giving travel permission. If parents are divorced and only one of them is traveling across the border with a child, a permission letter/documentation also may be needed. Get details through the Canada Border Services Agency,

Q. What if I'm over 18 and don't have a driver's license for ID?

Take along your college ID or any official photo ID that you have. Consider getting a Washington State identity card which, like a driver's license, is issued through the state's Department of Licensing,'ll also be able to get what's called an "enhanced" version of a Washington identity card, starting later in January, that is a federally approved alternative to a passport at land and sea crossings with Canada, Mexico and the other Western Hemisphere initiative countries (it's not valid for
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Posted 2/24/2008 5:04 PM (#33422 - in reply to #33411)
Subject: RE: The rally before the rally [and what to do in between]


Posts: 1348
As I understand it the answer is YES
BUT.......if YOU have ever been convicted of a Crime no matter what it is or WAS say a DWAI or DWI driving while impared or intoxicated they may turn you around and send you back to the States.

In the Buffalo New York /Fort Erie Canada Border The Canadian Customs Will Send you back and if you..say don't tell the truth keep in mind they have computers that will tell them when they put your information in then they may decide to "detain" you for a while.
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