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would-be newbie question
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Posted 6/27/2004 8:20 PM (#3926)
Subject: would-be newbie question


My wife & I are interested in getting a motorcycle and sidecar for occasional weekend use. Neither of us have ever owned a bike or had a motorcycle license. We want something simple, fun, and reliable. We looked at the Ural, but not being technically proficient, I am not inclined to go that route. (Althought it looks like a fun bike)

So I was thinking maybe a Velorex 562 with a 2004 Honda Rebel 234cc. The reason why I say that is I figure I would have to learn to ride a bike on something small like a Honda Rebel to get my license, then just get the sidecar. Friends who own bikes have said, "You don't want to start out on anything larger than a 250." I only plan to use the bike solo to get the license, then put a sidecar on it and never ride it solo again. I only want to buy a bike once (not bother with having to resell one). For the occasional use we anticipate, the Rebel is appealing in price.

I have the folloiwng concerns, though:

1) Is a 2004 Honda Rebel 234cc too small for the Velorex 562? We only plan on using it in our small town of Rochester, MN. No highway use. Just toting around town. I weigh 200lbs and my wife is about 135lbs. Rochester is mostly flat, but there is a hill we'd need to get up from a dead stop. It's about 1.5 blocks, a 15% grade, but we only need to do 20mph up it.

2) Since I don't want to ride it on the highway, are there anyplaces really close to Rochester, MN that would professionally install the sidecar? I called some local cycle shops and they weren't interested. As a followup question, might a local autobody shop be capable of doing the install?

Please feel free to share your expertise with me. If my logic is faulty, please let me know on that too.

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Posted 6/28/2004 12:47 AM (#3927 - in reply to #3926)
Subject: RE: would-be newbie question


Posts: 209
Location: Fairfield, VA
Hi Paul - - Welcome!
I won't try to pretend that I can answer your question from a technical view and I'm sure that you'll get lots of replies from the guys who can. But, I will tell you what I do know. You sound like a fairly big guy. My brother, also a fairly big guy, had a beautiful "little" Rebel that he purchased for his wife, who would not ride it. He ended up selling it because it was just too small, literally, not power wise, for him to ride comfortably. That might not be an issue for you, if you are only going to ride in town. But, I find it hard to imagine that, once you start riding, you won't want to go other places. Usually, once the bug bites you, it's hard to ignore it and not "itch" to be on the road.
Well, like I said, I'm sure you'll get lots of technical advice, but I thought I'd give you a bit of prospective of another kind.
Have fun figuring out what rig you want!!!
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Posted 6/28/2004 7:25 AM (#3929 - in reply to #3926)
Subject: RE: would-be newbie question

Paul, As Connie said "Welcome". Suggestion, since knowledge is power. Spend the $24.95 and get the manual "Driving a Sidecar". Check the home page, click on Sponsers and you will see a link to Dauntless Motors which has the manual. Jay at Dauntless is a good person to get to know and will not steer you wrong. That manual will open up the world of Sidecaring/Hacking for you. Riding a motorcycle and "driving a rig" are two worlds apart that is where the manual will pay for itself. Good Luck, Terry.
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Posted 6/28/2004 9:58 AM (#3930 - in reply to #3926)
Subject: RE: would-be newbie question


Posts: 89
Location: pasco, wa
well i just wanted to point that i have a velorex 562 on my sportster, which works great but i wanted you to know that hooking up a velorex is very simply so if you can't find anyone that will do it for you, you shouldn't have much of a problem hooking it up yourself, you can contact doug bingham at and he will send you info if your sold on the type of sidecar.

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Posted 6/28/2004 12:42 PM (#3931 - in reply to #3926)
Subject: RE: would-be newbie question


Posts: 4833
Location: Boise, Idaho
I would suggest a bit larger bike for your needs. Does it have to be a new one? A middle to late '80s 650cc Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki cruiser will handle both you and your wife with a 562 Velorex nicely. There are many of these available for reasonable a price and they make great sidecar tugs for the use you anticipate. You can have the whole sidecar package for a little less then the Rebel would cost. If you tire of it , or want to move up later as you gain more sidecar experience, you should be able to recoup your whole investment. You can sell it right here.

Lonnie Cook
Northwest Sidecar
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Posted 6/28/2004 1:34 PM (#3932 - in reply to #3931)
Subject: RE: would-be newbie question

Go to this web site for rider training in your State.
They supply motorcycles.
Don't forget to get the "Yellow Book".

Edited by Wiskers 6/28/2004 1:36 PM
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